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1. Put the mouse on the Picture (before), NOW move to mouse to the Side (now)!
"Mouse arrow on the Picture / Mouse arrow off the picture"
2. Flip from BEFORE / NOW (does that really matter?? The GRADE has changed dramatically)

3. These notes are GRADED by EXPERTS in the Field! They charge Money....
We really shouldn't see that much of a Difference, should we????? REGRADING is going on all the TIME

COMPARE the Serial Numbers! They are exactly the same

If your note is a CIRCULATED Currency, you should NEVER have to have it graded by "the Professionals again"
(their 1-70 system is based on MINT State Condition (why else 10 Mint State grades?)

Circulated Currency condition system is based on 1 to 100 with NO MINT STATE)
It gives your Circulated Currency Condition, a place all it's own and it's FREE

learn to Grade your own Notes for FREE at Circulated Currency Grading

Track & Price Software -- LOOK it up! this software has been out there for YEARS
This website has no intrest in Track&Price software (I just use the software)

IF the Pros are Re-Grading Currency, just think what's happening with COINS!!!!
No serial numbers! YIKES