How to use this Page!

1.Put the mouse (or your Finger)on the Picture, NOW move the mouse (or your finger) to the Side!
"Mouse arrow on the Picture / Mouse arrow off the picture"

2.Flip from BEFORE / NOW (does that really matter when it changed) The GRADE has changed dramatically.....

3. These notes are GRADED by EXPERTS in the Field of Grading USA Currency! How can we trust them? We actually PAY them LOTS of money!

4. We really shouldn't see that much of a Difference, should we?????
REGRADING is going on all the TIME....why!
Because there are no Specs that all grading companies need to use.

COMPARE the Serial Numbers! They are exactly the same

If you disagree that notes are getting re-graded, just close the link! IT'S my Opinion, that's all

"Circulated Currency" system is based on a scale from
1 to 100 with NO MINT STATE "Condition"
because the note was found in Circulation....
with all the "conditions of the USA" that note is exposed to!

and it's FREE to EVERYBODY......

learn to Grade your own Notes for FREE at
Circulated Currency where all the "Conditions"
exposed to your Currency are measured by YOU!

Track & Price Software -- LOOK it up! this software has been out there for YEARS
This website has no intrest in Track&Price software (I just use the software)

IF the Pros are Re-Grading Currency, just think what's happening with COINS!!!!
No serial numbers! YIKES