From 7/1/2012 to  12/31/2012     just the PAST 6 Months is how long I have  been doing this investigation!
you will find that SAME NOTE (same serial number) only graded
This report accounts for 108 incidences of REGRADING HIGHER than it was before?    HUH?   Greed --Greed --Greed
CGA- PCGS  & even PMG  regrades notes!   Now think about this?  If they are doing this with USA NOTES with Serial Numbers, what about COINS????
Now to LOOK at Both notes at the same time 1 on the left and 1 on the right  
1. you need to click the left hyperlink side link first. We need to get the Grading Parameters put on the NOTES. 
2. Then go back to, click HUH and then click the right hyperlink!   We need to GET both sides of the Note GRADING with those parameters. 
3. Now you can readjust the window on the left and the window on the right We need to have indications of RE-Grading ON the Note Holder.    NOW!  NOW!  
I am not kinding  --these notes have the same Serial Numbers only DIFFERENT GRADES!  
  You have to Compare!   It's your MONEY!   
This is JUST WRONG! How can a Note with obvious dirt, go to a CGA67!   UNLESS it was DOCTORED! CGA 67!  Bull crappy! CGA NO STAR-- sold two years ago!
at one time this was graded as a 50 in 2003!  Then in 2007 it was regraded as a CGA67!   Then in 10/20/2012 it was regraded by PMG as a 58! Now it’s back a few months later as a CGA 67!  Magic Dust was sprinkled on this 5 times!  It wears off you-know!
1/25/2011 this note was offered for sale as a uncirculated RESTORED! Funny it's now on Ebay and it's been regraded as a CGA 66 with no mention of any restoration!
PMG graded this note as a 55 and then CGA regraded it as a 66 one month later Look at both notes! Notice the serial numbers are exactly the same  CGA 66
Early 2012 this note was graded as 15 NOW it's a PMG35- IRONING- Pencil removal -- Magic Dust! PMG 35  says this NOTE with PENCIL writing & dirt & lots of Magic DUST!
Christmas Time brings JOY (Money)to some SELLERS!  Especially if they regrade a note from PMG-50  to PCGS-64 That's what's happened PMG said this NOTE was worth a GRADE of 50 and PCGS said NO Way! It's worth a 64
August 8, 2012 this note was a PCGS 63 & with a REPAIR?  HUH?  Repaired & it's got a GRADE of 63?  What the >^(@ But to add insult CGA REGRADS this NOTE a 65 with no notice of Repair!  HUH?  12/4/2012 EBAY!
In 2008 this $500 note was Graded as an AU!   IN 2012 it's been RE-GRADED as a CGA 66?    HUH?  MAGIC DUST WORKING Overtime This Re-Grading of Serial Numbered Notes has got to STOP. If they are regrading NOTES, then they got to be RE-GRADING COINS
NOW CGA describes it's NOTE design? Where was the STAR on this Note?
10 days later!  10 days!  CGA changed this grade from PCGS 58 to CGA 67 How much longer will the GRADING companies stand for this CRAP?
How can any grading company be so stupid when notes have Serial numbers and they actually regrade from 35 to 53 PCGS says this note as a tear and CGA says it doesn't  HUH?
PCGS graded this note as AU 55 Now it's been REGRADED as CGA 68!
This $5 silver certificate was graded as AU & sold 6/9/2012 for $1300 buck Now, it has MAGIC DUST all over it & it's been RE-GRADED by CGA as 68!  That's 2 away from being PERFECT
The latest RIP off!  PCGS grade 58 Sold Oct 2012 in a Dallas auction GUESS the NEW CGA Grade ??? Same serial number and now it's a 67!  3 grades away from PERFECT!  THIS REGRADING IS WRONG! We need specs
GRADE use to be XF40!  Don't know who graded it!  But XF40 speaks for itself!  Doesn't it? Either the grader wo graded this note 40 is totally blind?  Or CGA has x-ray vision!  CGA 68
No grading company is IMMUNE from rath of graders CGA!  This note went from PMG45 to CGA 67! This is impossible!  PMG45 to CGA 67!  GREED GREED GREED
Oh my gosh from PCGS 30 to CGA 53 How can this note change it’s grade in less than one month?
This note jumped from a PCGS 50 to a CGA 68! In less that one month!  NO STAR MAGIC Dust working Full time here!  From PCGS50 to CGA 68!  And NO STAR?
This note was graded in 2007 by PCGS as a 55 Then regraded by CGA as a 58 Now Check out the  Regrading as a CGA 63!   What the heck?  58 to 63 OH MY GOSH!
Now this next note is JUST wrong Wrong WRONG From a PMG 40 in less than 1 year to a PCGS 66  MAGIC DUST
Picture says 100000 words!   Just click the NOW page NO picture It's a shame that these notes are getting REGRADED EVERY DAY
Here is a note that was sold at Heritage auction and was GRADED as PCGS 58  If you drop down to item #51 you will see what I'm talking about--How many times can this get regraded? it's been REGRADED by CGA at 68!  Holy crap!  That's 2 numbers away from PERFECT of 70
OK!  Here is another one!  Caught by TRACK & Price - sold st STACKS 8/8/12 as a graded PCGS 55  now on ebay, guess what! ON ebay TODAY as a CGA 67!  WHAT THE F#$%?  How did this note go from a PCGS 55 to a CGA 67 in less than 3 months!   MONEY!  GREED!
This is very Weird!  Guy bids on the note in auction on ebay, LAST june as an AU50 & now it’s a CGA68? NO picture It's really on EBAY as a CGA 68?  How the heck can that be?  Last june it was in LYN Knight auction as a AU50?
How can a note go from About NEW because of a FOLD,  to 67? It's easy!   MONEY!  Drives everything!
This note when from a PCGS 45 (#J18468982A) It has a NEW BADGE NOW!  68 !  I'm not kidding, this same serial number is 68
This note was graded Oct 23, 2012 as ABOUT NEW….. One month later?? Now it's a CGA 67!  Yep! Check it out!
In 2006 this $5 note was graded by PCGS as a 58  PPQ -- whatever those letters means these days! It changes all the time! NOW after 6 years, this GRADE has now changed to a CGA 66!  Oh my gosh it's LIKE FINE WINE!
Now this is WRONG!  One grader grades with RUST! BAM! The rust is GONE!   Wait a minute!  Isn't some of the color also gone?
This note use to be a 64 Now it's a 65! Yep!  Just like that!  No reason!  Oops maybe it's just MONEY!
PMG graded this note on 3/5/2012 as a AU 53 Value $2000 PCGS graded the same note as GEM66! HUH?  It must be Christmas!  Value=$9000
PMG graded 30 3/24/2012 Value $1350   CHECK IT OUT 2 months later PCGS graded 40 Value $4000
This is WRONG in Aug it's a F15 now it's a CGA 25 OH my gosh!  It's on Ebay for $$$$$$$
This is JUST WRONG!  $1000 bill  from PCGS 55 to CGA 65  Same Serial NUMBER CGA must have TONS of Magic dust to turn a 55 to a CGA 65 Just like that
PLEASE LOOK at the NOTE-- THEN check the GRADE assigned! It's your MONEY!
These People have got to have NO SENSE of Grading LOOK AT THE NOTE! THEN the GRADE! IS that Grade even close? These BUYERS  have got to be BLIND or they just don't care about their MONEY
WOW!  Wait a minute!  Stop the Clocks and let me off this merry-go-round! IS THIS A MISTAKE? This is PCGS getting REVENGE!  This note went from CGA 66  to PCGS 58
This Note may go invisible because there is so much magic dust on it!  Very Fine to AU58 I know that some of you buyers are hard headed but I would NEVER buy another CERTIFIED Note again after seeing these!
This note went from $10,000 to $2,000 over the period of 5 years?  ! Dam no wonder MAGIC DUST was used Yep form PCGS 50 to PCGS 58 --BAM just like that!  Those experts really know how to use MAGIC DUST
This was just plain WRONG from a 58 to a 64 in less than a year!  Just think in 3 more years it might be a 68 or 69! Yep! All we have to do, is STICK your NOTES in Magic DUST & just wait & their grading will change!  58 to 64
This Note USE to BE a 63!  Now it was regraded as a 67?   HUH?  How can that be? Look!  SERIAL Numbers!  These notes have Serial Numbers on them!  SAME NUMBER
This is simple amazing!  2009 this note was Graded as AU  Now it's 65 Like I said PCGS 65
2 months and this note went from 40 to 55 by PCGS The Value of a 40 to a 55 is VERY Great- They need to add Parameters, grade both sides, & note RE-GRADING on the holder
2003 this Note was GRADED as an AU at the CAA Signature Sale in 2012 THE same Serial Number has been GRADED as a 65!
Told ya >>>>>> and they have the NERVE to ask for $1895  (they only paid $350 for it! Plus the cost for the Magic Dust) simply amazing huh?! 
I'm sorry I don't have a picture of the Note but I did capture Lyn's notice of the note. Low and BEHOLD -MIRACLE  PS it's on EBAY right now!
PCSG is a Weird Company! They don't put any of the attributes on how they select a GRADE?  Why is that? Now look at the Same Serial Number!
Now all I have to say is look at the GRADING Standards!  There are NONE! OH Sure!  Each Grading company has their OWN! And this is WHY this RE-GRADING occurs and will continue until PEOPLE stop buying junk! Check out my grading system!  It should be included with EVERY NOTE SOLD, wonder why it isn't????
This is ONE more amazing STAR REGRADING brought to you buy CGA! A miracle! If you look the note! You might see th3 MIRACLE STAR inside this amazing NOTE Regrading
This is just Plain Wrong!  For BOTH graders!  THE note was ripped! Now look at the GRADE
I don't know what to SAY? JUST look at BOTH PICTURES I can't belive this GRADING
This is UN-REAL that these grading companies can do? You must read this!  From 45 to a 65! Can you believe this? BUY the note! Not the grading company
A $1.00 Silver Certificate 1923 graded as AU in 2002 Now with the Magic of DUST in 2012 it's a PCGS 66 PPQ- HOW?
Now this is just plain wrong!  AGAIN This note was first a PCGS 58 & now it's a 64  REALLY?
April 2012 this note was graded as a PMG 62…. Now it's been RE-Graded & another MIRACLE!  CGA 67 SAME Serial Number EBAY #330778213078
You are going have to trust me! I don't have a Picture!   But you have got to see this!
Now this is just plain wrong?  It's was Graded as an AU 58 BY PMG All of a sudden!  It's on ebay & now the same serial number is a CGA 66
Here we go again!  PMG says it's a 64 --auction 2008 And CGA says it's a 67 in 2012!  & it's on EBAY right this minute!   "WE'RE off to SEE the WIZARD"
Now this is a BOLD as it gets!  PMG 53 July 2012  and August 2012 it's a 66 This is a crazy as it GETS!  How the heck did this NOTE change from a 53 to a 66  MAGIC DUST (it's on ebay right now)
OH my GOSH!   Look at the BEFORE photo and then look at the NOW!  And they are both PCGS Can you believe this?  Jan 2012 it's one grade and Aug 2012 it's a Higher GRADE
Sure PMG knows what they are doing?  How can 2 grading companies grade something so far aspart? NEED I Say anything MORE?   It's a 63 now!  Check EBAY and see for yourself!  BELOW! MAGIC DUST!  No! made up Standards that nobody can use except them
Large Size. Fr. 248. 1896 $2 Silver Certificates. PMG About Uncirculated 55.
LOOK AT THE Serial Numbers!  People!  Buyers!  Sellers!   You are SLOWLY getting Ripped off! I'm not saying WHO's Ripping you off It's Clear…..  NOTES just don't GET BETTER all by themselves!
Now this is JUST WRONG!  In 2005 it was graded as a XF  ---G00176812a REGRADED by CGA LOW & behold (with lots if MAGIC DUST)  its now a CGA55
Goldberg sale from 9/03/11 - and it's Graded as a PCGS 64 Sprinkle alittle MAGIC DUST and BAM!  We now have a 67 The EXACT SAME SERIAL NUMBER H62113717
Now some of you may say to yourself!   Good DEAL What was this guy thinking? For this guy to Buy a CGA 67 Note and Pay $6,325 bucks  why did he take it OUT of it's Holder? BELOW is an EXAMPLE of Being Ripped OFF for a note that's really only worth $1,351…..  This COST $5,000 bucks HOW CAN ANYONE BE HAPPY with this NOTE NOW?!!   Maybe there is a TAX Benefit  that I never heard about?  Maybe the GUY just has TOO Much Money!
Fr. 2200-G $500 1928 Federal Reserve Note. CGA Gem Uncirculated 67. OF course! PCGS doesn't know anything about GRADING!  It's a 67 of course! And NO magic Dust Fr. 2200-G $500 1928 Federal Reserve Note. PCGS About New 53, Now what the heck does that mean?  ABOUT NEW?   It's 90% new?  Or It's NEW?  FROM a 67 to a 53 BUMMER
This note had 2 FOLDS and was graded as an AU…. Now it's a CGA 65 --MAGIC Ironing oops Dust! OH my gosh, it's a mircle od MAGIC DUST --and a lot of Ironing this bear! To get this Note to $6500 ooops  65
A $500 -1928 note at 2005 (CAA) Dallas, TX Signature Sale #364 was GRADED as Choice About Uncirculated (so what is that? 59? 60? No 58?) THE MAGIC DUST is working!  Or is it???  Fr. 2200-D $500 1928 Federal Reserve Note. CGA Choice Uncirculated 64. D00023927a

A bright Series 1928 example in a CGA Choice Uncircu…
Fr. 224 $1 1896 Silver Certificate PMG About Uncirculated 55 EPQ  on April 20, 2012  Schaumburg CSNS Signature Currency Auction #3517 Fr.224 1896 $1 Silver Cert "Educational" PCGS CHOICE NEW 64  7/13/2012 SAY WHAT?  PMG says 55 and PCGS says 64???  How can this be for the same Serial Number???
RE-Graded! Without the Comment? This is just Bad! Bad Bad!
This note started life as a 15 and was offered for sale on Ebay 1/17/2012 Now it's a PMG 25 and it's offered for sale on 7/10/2012 with a BONUS! Amazing how that magic dust works isn't it?
Fr. 728 $1 1918 Federal Reserve Bank Note PMG Choice Extremely Fine 45 EPQ.... Jan 20, 2009  Tuesday Internet Currency Auction #39013 and Fr. 728 $1 1918 Federal Reserve Bank Note PMG Choice Extremely Fine 45 EPQ. Bright vivid color and the usual light vertical folds make up this well embossed Chi-town example. Now throught the MYSTERY of CGA and their Magic Dust this same note with Serial Number G34945697A  they have RE-Graded this note at a Grade of CGA 67  ---OH MY GOSH!  From a 45 to a 67  How did this end up in a CGA holder with NO STAR?  The Mystery deepens!
1918 $1 Federal Reserve Bank Note, Fr-713, Very Fine  Jan 15, 2004  Internet Currency Auction #34011 and on 1918 $1 Federal Reserve Bank Note Fr-713 Very Fine This is a crispy, attractive New York Ace that close inspection reveals five spots on the back of glue residue This same note with the exact same serial number #B3268327B in an auction on  Ebay July 9, 2012!  JUST GUESS what the Cost is????
Lot #5614. Large Size. Fr. 1187. 1922 $20 Gold Certificate. PMG Choice Uncirculated 64 Net. Rust.  A high grade $20 Gold Certificate which shows with mostly great qualities including, original paper, vivid inks and pleasing color of the important verso design. A single minor rust stain the left of the verso is observed and caused a net grade from PMG. Estimate: $1,200 - $1,600 It's a MIRACLE!  AGAIN!  The RUST has left the building!  It's gone from the NOTE! And the note is now a CGA 65 and it has a STAR! (JUNE!-STAR)  OH you don't know why the STAR ask CGA?  What are they asking ????
This is JUST plain wrong for PMG graders!  They graded this note as 58 and CGA says they suck! CGA has this NOTE graded at 64 and told PMG they couldn't Graded their way out of a paper bag!   HOW CAN THIS BE?   58 to a 64?  HUH?
What the HECK?   From a PCGS 55  to a CGA 65 !  It's another "Miracle"  the Notes are healing themselves! Now it's a CGA65 How can this be? It was auctually sold by ebay
January 16, 2007  Fr. 2400 $10 1928 Gold Certificate. Extremely Fine.. Great color and margins are found on this $10 Gold with light handling.  Internet Currency Auction #37013 July 6, 2012   Amazing *GEM UNCIRCULATED* 1928 $10 *GOLD CERTIFICATE*  CGA 65  HUH?   What changed?  Oh!  Its FREE SHIPPING.
Heritage weekly auction on 1/13/2012---  Fr. 226 $1 1899 Silver Certificate PMG Choice About Unc 58 EPQ    Internet Currency Auction #39012 Ebay 4/15/2012 Where it is now a PCGS CHCU 64
On 11/5/2010    in a Bowers auction….Lot #3100. Large Size. Fr. 226. 1899 $1 Silver Certificates. About Uncirculated On Ebay 5/13/2012 FR226 Lyons-Roberts Black Eagle CGA 65 Gem-Unc OPQ Rear Plate #3 serial 20413616……….. ITEM 330728703706
Reported in Track & Price Currency this note was graded CGA as a 66 The picture is from July 4, 2012 on Ebay and NOW it's a CGA 67?  What the heck is this?
Fr. 224 $1 1896 Silver Certificate PMG About Uncirculated 55.... Sold for $1,725 2008 September Long Beach, CA CAA Signature Auction #3502 On 3/15/2008 this same note was listed in Ebay, item number 370125997585; now in a CGA Gem 65 holder Sold for $2,550 (The Ebay seller was the New CGA owner) Still looking for this picture!?
1862, $2 United States Note. PCGS graded Very Fine 30. . Fr-41. . KL-100.  The same Serial Number HUH?
Fr. 230 $1 1899 Silver Certificate CGA Gem Uncirculated 66. Serial number H25H, a well centered Gem that looks right on the money to us for the 66 grade2002 Orlando, FL (CAA) Signature Sale #282 Same Serial number & Two grades higher.   by the same grader (CGA)  Huh???
Fresh XF 40 from a Lyn Knight auction 3/12/2012 lot 1939 N estimated at $1200 to $1800  N17780995 $5 CHIEF large note is now a Gem Uncirculated by you know who "CGA 68"  HUH?  ($31,000)
On 4/21/12 in a Heritage auction it was a PCGS AU 58 Denoms is selling it as a CGA Gem 68  HUH??
Fr. 2212-F    $1000 1934A Federal Reserve Note. PMG Choice Extremely Fine 45  (2008 September Long Beach, CA CAA Signature Auction #3502) CHECK THE SERIAL NUMBERS May 2012 it's Now a CGA GEM 67--- NOW this isn't against the LAW because anybody can do anything they want in the USA. BUY the Note not the Grading service!
August 2011 Chicago ANA World's Fair of Money Auction.    Lot #2340. Large Size. Fr. 1173. 1922 $10 Gold Certificate. PCGS Choice About New 58. Serial Numbers May 2012 on Ebay   1922 $10 GOLD-CERTIFICATE CGA GEM UNC 66- What can someone do to change this same note from a 58 to a 66???   (money)
Since this is my site!  I've got to Comment: A Gold Cert going from AU58  to  MS66 is PURE Greed!  There is  nothing that supports this!  GRADING Companies need to stop, this is pure ABUSE!  
Now check this out!  January 2012 this was a PCGS 62 with some soiling.  SOILING and that was graded as 62?   What the heck?  WHY If this wasn't bad enough, NOW it was removed from 62 and  June of 2012 it is now a CGC Gem 65.  Is this some kind of conspiracy, WHY!
Fr. 64 $5 1869 Legal Tender Choice About New. There is unfortunately a light corner fold that precludes the grade.  This is one GRADERS opinion! Now in a GEM 67 CGA holder that was on Ebay May 9 2012.  Now this is another GRADERS Opinion!   HUH?  Gee which one to BUY?
It's a really shame when people buy these OVERGRADED Notes, because then they have to get rid of them on EBAY! Maybe the Grading companies should have to buy them back? Or at least gurantee them for a few years.   GRADING COMPANIES!  You better start to police yourselves, or you are going to lose everything that you have built up! 
This was estimated as XF 45   Lot:15634 Fr. 39 $1 1917 Mule Legal Tender Star Note Extremely Fine-About New. 2008 April Rosemont, IL (CSNS) Currency Signature #3500 On Ebay 6/28/2012  an it now GRADED by  CGA Gem 65.   Now this is just driving all GRADING Companies DOWN!   XF45  to a 65?   What the heck?
Now this is what I'm talking about!   PCGS 58  It's a rip off for sure and NOW look at this Note! It's a  Gem 66  HOW can this Be?   The crazy part about it, it has a Serial Number on it!  IF these grading companies are doing this to Currency, is someone doing this to  COINS?
Stack’s  August 2011 Chicago ANA World's Fair of Money Auction  Lot #5454. Large Size. Fr. 64. 1869 $5 Legal Tender. PCGS Choice About New 58 PPQ. June 29, 2012 on Ebay    FR 64 1869 $5 United States Note 66 GEM Uncirculated
Heritage2002 Orlando, FL (CAA) Signature Sale #282      Fr. 29 $1 1880 Legal Tender Note Choice About New.  But for a single extremely soft fold to the right of center this beauty is a perfect Gem.  You can find this same Serial Number on Ebay June 28, 2012    FR 29 1880 $1 Legal Tender and GRADED as CGA 66 Gem Uncirculated
Look what for sale TODAY???!  CHECK #1 Above