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  Accounts for 135 RE-GRADINGS Started counting 1/1/2013   you will find that SAME NOTE (same serial number) only graded
      HIGHER than it was before?    HUH?   Greed --Greed --Greed
  Now to LOOK at Both notes at the same time     Now think about this?  If they are doing this with USA NOTES with Serial Numbers, what about COINS????
  1. Open two webpages! 2 times    
  2. One is only for BEFORE   and the other one is only for NOW   We need Grading Parameters put on the NOTES.  With a max for that parameter
  3. LOOK at the FILE names!  They are both the same serial number for the note you are looking at!     We need both sides of the Note GRADING with those parameters. 
      It would be nice to have indications of RE-Grading ON the Note Holder.    NOW!  NOW!  
  Learn to Grade your own NOTES>>>>    
  only 6 months of data>>>>>   2012 Now data>>>>
    This side is what it was !     This side is what it is today's date It's your money!  Stop this stuff NOW!  
  Before  GRADE 'BEFORE' jpg   reGraded  'NOW' jpg NOW-TODAY
135 PMG graded this note as AU 55   How can PCGS regrade the same note as 67?  ????
134 PCGS graded this note day ago!   Even PCGS can't get their act together!
133 Only when a team of Currency graders get together & hash out a grading system fair for everyone!   The Grading companies need to GET their act together and establish some RULES that will prevent 11 points different
132 It is amazing HOW Experts in the Field of Grading Currency can be so different!   When will these EXPERTS STOP this!  People count on experts being truthful!
131 This note was graded by PCGS as a 53!  NOT Mint STATE!!!! WHO CORRECT?   CGA says it's REALLY a CGA 66 !  GEM Uncirculated -YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING!  Experts!
130 Out of 70 points this note Grades an 8?  HUH?   What if we Check other LOWER grades of NOTES!  How fair are they graded?  Where is the grade parameters?
129 This note was graded by PCGS 25 in 9/27/13 but CGA says it's a ????  REALLY   CGA says it's Really a 45!  Come on EXPERTS! Can't u even get it a little closer???
128 Which brings us to a $1000 note with a little RUST on the reverse!   PRESTO ChangeO  and the Rust is Gone! And the Grade has gone Up & Up & you know!
127 Then the TWINS get involved!  RARE also and graded as Circulated Currency--No Mint Sate   But again! CGA knows best!  Maybe alittle over board!
126 Then PCGS blows everybody mind by grading this note as a PCGS 55!   The note really is NICE!   And the Hero CGA just might get carried away alittle OK A lot!  --but it’s a VALUABLE NOTE! DUH
125 We continue on with the WILD 13 Notes all graded as Circulated Currency   And that one Company says! NO NO! theses are all ???
124 This is kind of weird! All 13 notes were graded as AU (like not Mint State)   But!  Someone disagreed!  Bet you can Imagine who?  GOOD GUESS!
123 If at first you don't get the grade you want! Remove it from your holder and resubmit it again!   If you wait!  It will automatically CLEAR itself up and the Grade will be higher
122 This note had comment regrading Stains, Pin holes etc etc etc   Magically al the comments DISAPPEARD Dang gone Miracle!
121 CGA says this is a CGA 67  BUT??   and this CGA says this is a CGA 67 with no Comment?  WHO CORRECT?
120 CGA said this was a 66  and  PCGS said no it's a ???   PCGS says it’s a PCGS 64 !  Close HUH!  Price? No way!
119 OOPSS  this one went the Other way!   What goes around Comes around!  One Grade deserves another!   WHATEVER
118 PCGS & regrading!  This one has the Comment!   PCGS & regrading! And this one Doesn't have the comment
117 MD!  Magic Dust!  Sprinkled & from PMG55 to CGA 67   Like a few Months really makes a difference?  Guess so!
116 PMG has really lost it!  Or maybe I just don't understand PROOF Notes!  DUH!   Maybe it's an ERROR on PMGs part!  Look at the BANK?
115 Magic dust working over time to make this $2 note go from a pcgs35 to a cga 67 HOLY CRAP   Can you believe this!  CGA 67!  Those PCGS people are really slipping!   YIKES
114 Amazing!  From a PCGS 20  to a CGA GUESS!   All in a a few Months!  Magic Dust working Over time!
113 This 20 just doesn't look that Good!  Maybe it's the Picture?   CGA & PMG!  What is different between these EXPERTS?
112 "WITCH" came first??  The 45 or the 67?   Does it really Matter?  EXPERT Graders should be alittle Closer, shouldn't they?
111 This one BIT some buyer in the BUTT!  Graded as CGA 67   And the BRIGHT buyer had it Regraded  OOPPPSSS  EXPERTS???
110 $1000 note that was circulated & graded as a VF25   BUT!  If you Clean the Note & send it to the GRADER guess what Grade you get?  Rules CHANGED!
109 The buyer of this very RARE $20 note really got ripped off!   When PMG regraded this little beauty!  Do this people really know what they are doing?
108 Right before your eyes! This $500 Gold certificate is transformed from this>>>>>   To this????  How can this be?  Just look at the before?  Doctored? Naaggaahhh
107 PMG graded this note as PMG 58!  Guess what it is today?   It's a CGA 66!  Yep! Made it to the BIG TIME!
106 Gold Seal graded on 8/15/2013 as a 40 BY STACKS   This Gold Seal is really a CGA 53 !  10/2013 OOPS
105 Red Seal $100 note graded as PCGS 53?  Is there a 53?  I guess there is!   No! CGA says its really a 68!  Holy cow! Nearly Perfect
104 This a a good one RAW vs Graded!  What's missing?   I guess Nothing!  Was it doctored?  Naaagh PCGS wouldn't do that?  Or would they?
103 PCGS says this note grades a PCGS-58!  Really?   Somewhere it was regraded by CGA as a 67!  Holy Cow
102 This note was graded by PMG as a 15   Just guess what PCGS says it is!  PCGS 30!  15 point upgrade
101 Stacks graded this note as a 45?  Weird ? HUH?   Stacks missed the mark! CGA says it's a CGA 65
100 PMG graded this gem as a PMG64   CGA thinks this note should be a CGA-67!  It's only 3 points higher! BUT the VALUE has really gone blasttic!
99 CGA graded this note as CGA-20 with a note about PIN holes  !   CGA in 2013 now regrades in CGA35! 15 points!
98 PMG graded this note a PMG12 in 2008   PMG regraded this note as a PMG 25!  What Changed?
97 PCGS graded this note a 55 april 2013   CGA in 2013 says this gem is really a 66!  What happen to the REPAIR note on PCGS55  MAGIC!
96 CGC graded this a 50 & someone took it out of the holder & Lyn Knight graded it a 55 in 2012   CGA thinks this note is a 67! WHY?  What changed?
95 Lyn Knight graded this note as a 3!  REALLY?  A 3?  What the heck do they know?   CGA says this note is at least a 10!   REALLY!
94 The note had Folds, Dirt, pin holes graded as a CGA20   It's been sprinkled with Magic dust & fold, dirt & pinholes are gone & now it's a Very Fine CGA-35
93 This note is graded by PMG 64 with a note about pinholes   Now this note was regraded as a CGA 67
92 2006 this note was graded as a PCGS EF45   IN 2013 MONEY?  Or is the NOTE really a PCGS 55??
91 CGA 66  PCGS 58  WHY?  EXPERTS?  Or just greed?   How can two EXPERTS get so far apart?
90 Not sure which came first or last?  But the difference between EXPERTS is CRAZY   I believe these Companys are OUT of CONTROL!
89 My favorite Note!  (no I don't have 1)  graded as a PCGS66   I'll never ever, ever have one at this price either!
88 1890 use to be graded by CGA as a 62   Someone took it from it's CGA holder & submitted it to PCGS
87 How about this OLD note graded as a 45!   What do u think the VALUE will be as a CGA
86 $5 North Africa!  Graded as a 30  in 2013   BUT wait! CGA says it's really a CGA 66!  HUH?  Say what?
85 How about this $1000 note! Graded as a PCGS 63   These grading companies are out of Control!
84 $1000 note!  1918!  Mega BUCKS  Guess the grade   Take a WILD GUESS what it is today 2013
83 This note was graded by Lynn Knight with a Comment!   BUT in 2013 CGA says it's REALLY a ?????  (click)
82 from a 40 to a 50 to a 55 to a 58  HUH?  Really?   Wait we are not done yet!  Yep a NEW Regrading!  TRULY AMAZING
81 This next INCREDIBLE upgraded note !  BIG bucks   I told you this was a BIG jump!  WHAT CHANGED?
80 $500 note without Stains & Pencil & ink   Then it's graded a CGA 50 ! HUH? What happen to the ink? The pencil marks & the stain?  Magic dust
79 Now you have to Look at this note & decide for yourself what it should be graded as?!   The Condition is evident! Does it deserve this grade?
78 PCGS graded this note as a 61 with an APPARENT   But CGA said NOPE it's really a CGA 63
77 PCGS graded this note as a 12 with an APPARENT   Apparent is BAD so they regraded the same note without the apparent?   HUH?
76 Lyn Knight graded this note as a 20 on Jume 2013   What do u think CGA grades this same note as?  MONEY
75 Another Battle between PCGS & CGA?  HUH?   PCGS grades this note as a 58!  CGA regrades it as a ??
74 Battle of the EXPERT Grading Companies PCGS vs CGA   How can two companies with EXPERTS in the field get so different answers?
73 It's all about MONEY!  Isn't it!  Some poor slob graded this note as a 55 (Lyn Knight & Stacks)   NOPE!  CGA has a different GRADE!  GUESS?
72 Here is a 1918 note that was graded as a VF-EF  (guess it's both sides?)   BUT!  Guess what the EXPERTS at CGA say this note grades as?   YEAH SURE IT DOES!
71 This Next Very Collectable note was graded by someone as a 25….   BUT nope! The EXPERTS at CGA says this note should be graded as 65!  HUH?   25-65= 40 points? HUH?
70 Now this VERY Collectable note was graded by PCGS as a  45!   BUT CGA says NO NO !  It's really a CGA 58!  HUH?
69 PCGS said this note was graded as a PCGS 58   Yeah!  Sure it was but a month later it's now a PCGS 65
68 This note was graded by PCGS as a 58 but then PCGS got a look at this Note! GUESS what it is Now!  HUH?   Yep! PCGS regraded this same serial number PCGS 64
67 How can a $5 note go from a PCGS 53  to a CGA65 in a few years?   I am assuming a NEW EXPERT grader just looked at this NEAR Perfect note ans assigned a CGA 65
66 It only takes a FEW months to go from a PCGS 55 to a CGA 64   OH my Gosh!  64 from a 55!   It's Nearly MINT state!
65 Here is a Note that in 2008 was graded by PMG as a 25 but CGA thinks it is a 50.  WHO's CORRECT?   If you think I'm kidding! Check the serial numbers CGA 50 --
64 Less thab one month this REGRADED note went from PCGS 45 to a CGA ????   From a PCGS 45 in one Month to a CGA 58 (or 13 points higher)
63 2007 this note graded as PCGS 45 now guess what it's new grade is!   This one also jumped 13 points!  Magic Dust is working full time at …..
62 This note unofficially graded as a 55 by Stacks   This note only jumped 12 points!  Gee maybe the MAGIC dust is OLD…..
61 This note is HISTORY in the Making! A Jump from PCGS 20 to a CGA 67   Yep! A Note graded by PCGS 20 is NOW a CGA 67
60 I an told that this note was graded as a F15 at one time.  Now look what it is!   Now it's been regraded by CGA as a ??!  HUH?  Really ?
59 This is another MAGIC RE-GRADED note that is in the 67 almost Perfect !    CRAZY   THIS IS CRAZY!  EXPERTS truly believe this note to be a 67….  WHY?  It was also graded as a 45????
58 This is a GOOD one!  It's graded as a XF and then 2 months later -Magic Dust made this note a 67   YEP! And EXPERT in the Field of Grading Currency believes this note to be UNCIRCULATED 67    (do not buy it)
57 Here's were HUH gets WEIRD!  Graded in 2007 this note was a 65!   For some CRAZY reason someone took it out of the Holder and sent it to PCGS !  GUESS what they graded it
56 PCGS graded this note as a 55 in 2011   BUT CGC says their EXPERTS say it an easy 66!  Really?   From AU to GEM
55 Heritage graded this note at 55 in 2007 and CGC said it really grades a 67.  REALLY?   What the heck does Heritage do?  They only auction off about 100,000 notes a YEAR
54 This next note went from a PMG 40 to a CGC 58!  HOW?  Magic Dust   CGC decided that their opinion for the grade of this note was a CGC of 58 and PMG said it was a 40.  WHO correct?
53 This is amazing!  I am told within 1 month this note went from a 58 to a 64   Yep! PCGS graded this note twice!  How can this happen?  3 different experts?  Please EXPLAIN
52 In 2008 this $5 note was graded by PCGS as 58.  It was listed at $316.25   In 2013 Guess what the NEW grade for this Magic Dusted note NOW is?  60=no 61=no 62=no
51 A $10,000 note graded in 2005 as 67 was regraded by PCGS Guess what the new grade   Why would someone who had an EXPERT who grades a Note as 67 have it regrade to 55???  CRAZY
50 THIS is just wrong!  Grading service that ALTERS a note then grades it as UNCIRCULATED   This is why you should use "grade circulated" notes yourself  until these grading companies get their act together.
49 Round & round we GO!  We've been here before with this NOTE click 2012!   #21 from the bottom   It goes from ONE grader to another grader!  & the Grading isn't a point!  Its 9 or 10 points different!
48 This is another amzing thing called BULL Crap reporting for EXPERT Graders of USA Currency   From CGA 64  to PCGS 53 -who are they kidding!  Do any of these EXPERTS really know what they are doing?
47 Again! Another Grading Service PUMPS up a REGRADE--  It's got to Stop!   This is another PCGS 58 to a CGC 66
46 Again we have a failure of the GRADING system to monitor itself & stop the RE-GRADING going on   It wouldn't be bad if the regrading was 1 or 2 points!  But this is4 points! This is unheard of
45 It's a crime that will never be prosecuted!  Ripping the average US Currency Collector off!   Please! Watch what you buy until these so called experts get their act together!  12 point jump! BULL CRAP!
44 How can a Note go from PCGS-58 to CGA-68 in less than 2 months?   OPINION, that's how   It's hard to imagine how one EXPERT can not be CHALLENGE by another EXPERT in the SAME FIELD?  BUT in Currency collecting, nobody ever challenges anybody???  WHAT THE HELL do they have to HIDE?
Someone told me yesterday that  TRACK & Price will adjust a grade!  Well, this is not exactly true!  They will adjust a grade if the notes has the words APPARENT!  They will also report that adjustment in the comments area only.
43 Here is an example a 63 can be changed to a 67   Sure! A little Magic dust and PRESTO a 67!
42 It's been graded by PCGS as a 58!  And what happen?  The new owner of CGA grades it as a   CGA says it's a 67!  HUH?  9 points higher? REALLY? HOW CAN THESE EXPERTS be so different
41 This note Just doesn't look like it deserves this grade?   You tell me, does this Note deserve a CGA 67?
40 I guess this might have BACK-FIRED!   Maybe it did Back fire or Maybe it didn't!  YOU DECIDE
39 This is another one of those SHE SAID and HE said!  CGA 67   PMG regraded this CGA67 to PMD 58!
38 Here is one of my POINTS!  CGA says this note in 2009 was a 64   NOW its' 2013 and guess what PMG says it is! COME ON!  REALLY?????
EXPERTS in their Field should never make a mistake, and if they do, they need to make it right.  With Currency Grading,  3 experts  grade notes.  3 differnet people look at the note that was 
submitted and give their opinions.   NOW I'm told, that mistakes occur!  HUH?  REALLY?  How can this be?  Are they not given the STANDARDS with the JUDGE the note?  
I know about Experts!  I was an Mechanical Engineering EXPERT for Product Liability claims filed against my company. I work at that  role for 24 years 6 months, until I retired.    
Isn't it about time to have everybody who claims to be an Expert in a certain field, prove that they are capable of that role and are held accountable.  3 different opinions can not make a mistake,   
the same mistake, time after time as long as all the STANDARDS for Grading are ALL the same.  Standards have to be included on a note, the people who use those standards need to sign those notes…"Are they not the EXPERTS?"
37 2011 someone graded this note as a 55!   Guess what it is today in 2013  CGA 64
36 This is pretty amazing! 2 graders graded the same note with a PIN HOLE in it !  Yep it's Mint State   Mint State!  With a PIN HOLE?  The Mint really put holes in there notes?  I didn't know that! Or did I?
35 This note was examined as a 12 back in 2010 --now after 3 years I guess it's gotten better all on it's OWN!   Magic Dust & poof it's now a GRADED note by CGA 35!  REALLY?  I wonder the VALUE NOW?
  If you really want to hear about all of the ripping off going on, send me a comment to It seems IMPORTANT to be me as a Collector of Currency that people should know exactly what is HAPPENING with Professional GRADERS & their Company.   I don't get any money or even recognition regarding all of regrading going on!  OR the doctoring of SERIAL NUMBERED NOTES ALL I ask is to to be shown the ATTRIBUTES that are used to GRADE currency!  GRADE both sides of a Note, individually!  Include the attributes with the certificate! BE accountable
34 REPAIRED or What?  Maybe it should say it on the certificate?  40 to 53! You decide   WHY can’t these so called EXPERTS put the attributes that GRADES the Note ON THE Certificate?  BOTH sides? It's CIRCULATED!
33 This is a Shame!  Someone graded this as a 50!  They couldn't have know what they were doing!   Because the EXPERTS at CGA say it's an easy
32 IN january 2013 PMG grade as 64!  They didn't see that CGA saw …. Or did they?   CGA just saw a 68!  Magic dust was used I'm sure
31 PCGS graded this note PCGS 58   Why did PCGS say it was a PCGS 58 in 2012?  MONEY?
30 PCGS said this note grades a PCGS-53   What does CGA NOW say it grades?  CGA 66
29 PMG graded this note as a 50 and CGA thinks it's REALLY a 67!   Say what?  How many points jump is that?   50-67= 17 points!  Now tell me this is not about MONEY!   GRADERS from Rip off Hell
28 This went from PCGS 63 to a CGA of 6???   CGA 67 see for yourself!
27 PMG graded this note as a 55 in 2012 and guess what happen!   CGA now says it's a CGA 66 in 2013!  11 point change
26 This is getting Werid now!  PCGS said this note is now a 64 and PCGS said it was a 58   after a treament with MAGIC CRAP!  It's now a PCGS 64 ---  HUH?
25 Now it's back a PCGS58 and guess what the CGA grades this gem as????   and low and behod a CGA63
24 This is stupid! CGA grades it one grade and PCGS grades the same note something Different   Now the rat race continues!  PCGS now gets to grade this GEM as  58
23 Aug -2012 PCGS graded this note as  a MINT STATE note!! Very  WRONG from the beginning!   VERY wrong!  Look a the picture   CGA just MAGIC DUSTED IT and regraded it again!  WRONG  Again! How can these notes get graded as MINT State when they LOOK like they were circulated?
22 This note was graded by PCGS as a VF-20 with a Note regarding the 'Teller Stamp"   Now CGA says this $500 note is really a CGA-30 with no comment regarding that "Teller Stamp"?  WHY IS THAT?  Magic Dust made it invisible.  Ya-wanna-buy-a-bridge
21 Holy smokes!  A torn $1000 note gets a CGA 66 grade  when it was graded as a  PCGS 30   OH my gosh!  This isn't right!  CGA 66 from a PCGS 30
20 PMG graded this note as a 50  and CGA says it's a CGA 67!   3 points more & it would be PERFECT   How on earth can a note jump from a 50 to a 67?  MAGIC DUST  lots of Magic dust
19 In 2010 PCGS graded this note as a 58 IN 2013 it's been regraded as a CGA 67   This is impossible MAGIC Dust!  Works again
18 Graded in 2010 as a CGA 64   Today it's been re-graded as a PCGS 58!  This is CRAZY   PCGS 58 !  Is it truly a 58 or is it  TRULY a 64
17 PCGS says this note is a 58 and CGA says it's a 66!  WHO'S correct?  New buyer to currency will get RIPPED OFF   This $1 Black eagle is in between UNCIRCULATED and CIRCULATED
16 Now this is exactly what I'm talking about!  CGA says it's a 67 and PCGS says it's a 64   Who's correct?  They need STANDARDS so every note is graded the same.  We need parameters
15 This is wrong!  PMG say this is a 58  and CGA says it's a 66!  How can that BE?   A $500 note that is SO overgraded OR IS IT?
14 PCGS regrades a note from AU to MS WOW!  That is amazing! (bullcrap)   This regrade made a AU58 into a MS65 --old graders don't know crap!
13 PCGS graded this note as a MS64 in 2012 NOW it's a MS67 by PCGS?  NEW GRADER? Maybe   What changed that allowed PCGS to regrade this note higher?  THEY FIRED the OLD Grader!
12 Another Star note that 9/23/2008 was PCGS 58  and now it's a CGA 67   How can this NOTE jump this many points!  MAGIC DUST!  That's how!
11 BULL CRAP! PCGS 55 to CGA 68   This has got to stop!  GRADE your own notes using the system found on this website
10 This is Unbelieveable!  CGA 45 to CGA 66   That's what I said!  CGA 45 to CGA 66
9 Here are 4 $5 US Notes dated 1899 graded by PCGS as 55   Now almost 1 year & a month have been regraded as CGA 67-68.  HOW can this be?
8 It's getting worse !  PMG55 to CGA67   This can't be!  Why Why! Why?  Money!
7 Again! CRAZY Crazy Crazy PCGS 58 to CGA 67   How can anybody Rip people off!  THIS BAD!
6 PCGS Grades this $2 note as 58   OOPS  they are wrong CGA says it's a 64   In 1 month later CGA says NOPE it's a CGA64
5 PMG grade =45   CGA grade=67   after a little more than 1 month???
4 PCGS graded this Note as PCGS 45 in 2008  ESTIMATED Value $5000 to $7000   Now it's on Ebay Today & been regraded as PCGS 58 Estimated Value $10,000 to 15000?
3 Do you have any IDEA how much the price goes up when a NOTE goes from AU58 to  CGA66.  from $2588  to $7,500 bucks!   What drives these guys to RE-GRADE notes?   GREED!  Money!  Not for the luv of Currency collecting
2 Here is an example of HOW GREED & money rule Currency Collecting   NOT RULES For GRADING where everybody & anybody can grade a Note!  Parameters???
1 Now this is just plain wrong-wrong -wrong!  From a PCGS 53 to a CGA 67 in less that 8 months!   Look at this note!  See the RED on his far-head?  The Value went from 2200 bucks to 10,000 bucks !